The launch of Disney+ has re-opened an old wound in the Star Wars fandom. The good news? Disney's streaming service has every Star Wars movie available to stream, in 4K no less. The bad news? The version of A New Hope that is featured on the service features yet another, truly perplexing change to the fame scene between Han Solo and Greedo. And that change was made by none other than George Lucas.

In the original version of A New Hope, which was released simply as Star Wars in 1977, only to be given the subtitle later, Han Solo famously shoots the bounty hunter Greedo dead in the Mos Eisley cantina, after he was sent to collect on the bounty put on his head by Jabba the Hutt. In the 1997 special editions, George Lucas controversially made it so Greedo also shoots at Han, yet misses from just several feet away. This, for many, ruined a character-defining moment and prompted the common saying "Han shot first" amongst the fanbase.

Well, as it turns out, George Lucas, about seven years ago around the time he sold Lucasfilm to Disney, added in one last change to the scene. Now, as has been pointed out by quite a few fans on Twitter, Greedo shouts the word "Maclunkey" before falling over dead on the table in the cantina. Twitter user Eric Fell pointed out the change, providing a video from his Disney+ stream as proof.

"In the Disney+ version of Star Wars Greedo now shouts 'Maclunkey' before getting shot. This is now my favorite version because why the hell not? Maclunkey!"

While the reason for the Greedo shot first change hasn't been revealed, a representative did confirm that the change was made by George Lucas. Unfortunately, there is no telling what "Maclunkey" means, or why Lucas felt the need to make this change. Does it have any significance? Or is it just something Lucas thought would be, for whatever reason, amusing to throw into the mix when it comes to the Han shot first debate? For now, it's a baffling mystery that serves as yet another change the filmmaker made to his sci-fi classic. Lucas famously tinkered with the original Star Wars trilogy for the re-releases in 1997, and the original versions have been tragically unavailable ever since.

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There has been some hope that Disney would restore the original cuts and release them in order to profit from hardcore Star Wars fans who would surely shell out for HD versions of the original trilogy. Though, the fact that the company decided to pop in this strange addition to the version of A New Hope included on Disney+ is yet another sign that they're going to stick with George Lucas' vision. But hey, at least we get to watch Greedo yell that nonsense in 4K, right? This news was previously reported by Vanity Fair.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott