On the one-year anniversary of comic book legend Stan Lee's death, Marvel Entertainment posted a touching tribute to the legendary creator. Last year, Lee died at the age of 95, leaving a void in the Marvel Universe which fans continue to mourn one year later. On the official Twitter account for Marvel Entertainment, the company also looked back upon Lee's life and legacy with an awesome illustration of Lee surrounded by many of the superheroes he had helped to create. "Remembering Stan "The Man" Lee: his legacy will live on in the Marvel Universe and the hearts of Marvel fans everywhere," the company writes, echoing the sentiments of all of Lee's fans. You can take a look at the tribute below.

As seen in the artwork, Stan Lee is associated with a large number of superheroes from Marvel Comics lore. Some of his most well-known contributions include Spider-Man, The Fantastic 4, The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk, Black Widow, Ant-Man, The X-Men, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Black Panther, and Thor. Behind the scenes, Lee had also been scripting, art-directing, and editing Marvel Comics since the late '50s, serving as a very important part of the famous comic book company over the course of several decades. In many ways, Lee became somewhat of a famous Marvel personality himself, as his likeness now adorns action figures and heaps of other merchandise for fans to remember him by.

Lee had also made a habit of providing cameo appearances in many Marvel movies and TV shows, often as a heightened version of himself. Particularly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lee's cameos had grown to become an expected part of each installment, as the filmmakers would always find a way to sneak Lee into the movies in one way or another. This led to many creative an interesting cameos for Lee in the MCU, with one final posthumous cameo arriving earlier this year in Avengers: Endgame. While Lee may not be here to film any more cameos for Phase 5 of the MCU, it seems likely future filmmakers will still find ways to include Easter eggs paying homage to the legend.

Following his death, Stan Lee created one final superhero. His daughter, J.C. Lee, said she had been trying for years to collaborate with her father on a creative project, and the two had finally co-created a new superhero shortly before Stan's passing. Dubbed "Dirt Man," J.C. didn't reveal exactly what the character's superpowers were, but the name certainly has us intrigued. According to J.C., the two had been developing the backstory for the character together all the way up to his last weekend.

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The past year has flown by, as the news of Stan Lee's passing seems like it was just in yesterday's headlines. There's no doubt that millions of Lee's fans across the world continue to miss his presence, and it's also clear the man's legacy will live on forever. Excelsior, Mr. Lee, and may you rest in peace. The tribute to Stan Lee posted above comes to us from Marvel Entertainment on Twitter.

Stan lee Marvel Tribute painting
Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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