A newly discovered Joker Easter Egg pays tribute to Tim Burton's Batman. Director Todd Phillips was adamant that there were not any winks or nods to the past in his movie while initially doing press. Phillips and star Joaquin Phoenix shrugged off alleged Easter Eggs as pure coincidence. However, since the movie has been getting more acclaim, the director has been slowly started to reveal that he did include at least one reference to the iconic Batman TV show from the 1960s. And now there is also a nod to the 1989 blockbuster discovered as well.

As for this latest Joker Easter Egg, Todd Phillips might not have had anything to do with it. Pictured in Arthur Fleck and his mother's apartment, is a replica of The Blue Boy, which is an 18th Century oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough. Eagle-eyed fans and art enthusiasts will notice that this is the same painting Jack Nicholson's Joker and his henchmen vandalize in 1989's Batman. It's a subtle and clever callback that could have been done by another member of the crew without Phillips' involvement. Now that we've gone back in time to the 1989 scene, Prince's "Partyman" should be playing your head.

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Todd Phillips said, "I don't do Easter eggs. Any Easter eggs anybody finds is a mistake. I don't understand," while doing press for Joker when it first hit theaters. Specifically, he was asked about some of the clocks in the movie that have the time 11:11 on them. Joaquin Phoenix also shut down those rumors and likened it to an old myth about Paul McCartney from The Beatles being dead. The duo seemed very serious about any trickery going on behind-the-scenes and were on a mission to truly separate Joker from anything that had come before it. Though, Todd Phillips did admit to one intentional Batman Easter egg long after the movie's release in theaters, with young Bruce Wayne sliding down a playground pole much like Batman does on the 1960s TV version of the iconic DC comic.

While not having Joker connect to the DCEU, Todd Phillips and Warner Bros. were taking a risk. Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix revealed right from the start that they were making something different from a normal comic book movie. Character study was thrown around more than once and that appears to have stuck the whole way through. However, nobody expected the movie to crank out over $1 billion at the box office. With that being said, there's a lot more press surrounding the project now than when it first opened in theaters, which is really saying something.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have had to do a lot more talking about Joker in recent months than they originally ever thought they'd have to do. The movie won Golden Globes and has eleven Academy Award nominations. Phoenix's intense take on Arthur Fleck has opened up the flood gates and he has a real chance of taking home the Best Actor award. But will the movie be able to take Best Picture? That's the real question that people are starting to think about. While we wait to see how the Oscars end up, you can check out the latest Joker Easter Egg below, thanks to the Movie Details Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick